About us

Our clients rave about working with AI Enable due to our deep expertise, approachability, and friendly, collaborative nature. We simplify complex AI concepts into everyday language, distinguishing our unique, effective approach. Here’s how we can support your AI journey:

Our team will help you understand your business's unique opportunities for AI, how and where you can use it, and help get you started. 

Danny Rippon

Danny Rippon has been a CEO and CRO, now helping businesses to harness AI for growth and to create customer value. Through his career he has worked for multiple start-ups and scale-ups, and technology giants like Oracle and Capgemini. His deep AI expertise makes him an invaluable asset for companies seeking to leverage AI for success.

Our AI Story

ChatGPT was released in November 2022.  Shortly after, Danny resigned from his CEO role at a PE-backed eCommerce company to explore opportunities with AI.  There was a lot of hype since it had gained 200 million users in 2 months, so his curious mind wanted to see where it could add value, particularly in the C-suite.   

Early generative AI was not very good and made lots of errors, but Danny could see the potential.  Fast-forward a few months and we saw the release of GPT-4, Claude.ai, Auto-GPT and Mistral.ai had become the largest invested French start-up in history.  

The AI race was on, but there were still many questions on business value: 

What were the risks? 

Would it save or use my data? 

How do you stop it giving out bullshit answers?

Where was it going to add value in our working day?

With his CEO-mindset he jumped in, reading every 'how to' post on LinkedIn, watched countless videos, subscribed to all the newletters, and learnt how to master generative AI, always looking for the big picture and relevancy.

Once mastered, he started to help his network of CEO friends master it, pro bono. When those CEO friends saw the value they insisted on paying him, thus AI Enable was born.

Purely via CEO-referrals we got so much work, that we quickly became a network of AI consultants, all with previous Director/C-suite level backgrounds, and all amazed by how much generative AI can do if you know how to use it correctly.

None of us believed AI would be useful for many years, but we were wrong.  We found that standard generative AI can add unbelievable value to all C-level executives, and to almost every corner of any business, and it continues to get stronger every day.

Our business is about spreading the mastery of AI to increase business performance at the top of businesses.  We are not techies, we are business professionals with a curiosity for AI, who now blend our Executive and C-level experience with AI-know-how, to enhance the professional and private lives of our rapidly expanding client-list.